Espace de Travial

Developing a complex booking system to fill designs at a Cannes based co-working space.

The Client

Espace de Travail is a co-working space operating from a villa in the South of France. Due to its location at the boundary of a private airport they aim to provide pilots and flight crews somewhere to work and relax.

The Challenge

As an entirely new venture EDET didn’t have any existing branding or web presence so we would need to develop a brand, website and booking system to entice visitors and take payments. The new brand would need to be professional and approachable and the website would need to display in both English and French, inform visitors of EDET’s offering and allow users to make a booking.

Our Solution

We worked with the EDET team (based between the IOM and Cannes) to develop a fun and professional brand. We crafted a distinctive style including logo, brand guidelines and marketing collateral.

Once we’d created a strong brand we needed to design and build the promotional side of the new EDET website keeping in mind the multi-lingual functionality that needed to be incorporated and the large-scale booking system.

The resulting back-end booking system allows the EDET team to create, manage and archive bookings as well as send out quotes and receive payments. All this functionality is safely placed behind a secured login system.

Can easily request a quote for a range of services available using an appealingly basic form. The form dynamically change its options based on your selection in to account for differences in stay period and maximum occupancy. An array of automated emails then guide the user from receiving their quote to making a payment.

The final website and branding have captured the essence of what EDET is all about; providing flight crews with the perfect environment to work. We’ve created a system which makes it easy for visitors to make their booking and incredibly simple for the EDET team to keep track of their occupancy and take payments.

Tom Gough

Founder // Designer

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