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Managed Hosting & Emails

Guaranteed Uptime 99.9%

Proactive threat detection, constant performance monitoring, and active threat prevention keep our hosting infrastructure secure and online at all times, making it highly unlikely that you'll every experience downtime.


Cyber attacks are on the rise and your data is more valuable than ever, our hosting infrastructure is provided by a global industry leader with powerful firewalls and privately owned, highly secure data centres.


We keep the future in mind with everything we do and hosting is no different, our platforms allow for rapid expansion and growth as well as unparalleled customisability to ensure that we can always meet your business' needs.

High Performance

Our hosting infrastructure harnesses the latest Dell enterprise hardware with 100% SSD storage, allowing for incredibly fast performance for your site and digital operations.


We understand the cost of lost data and take great care to ensure that you and your client's data is kept safe. We take daily backups of our systems and keep them for 30 days with the ability to roll back with the flick of a switch.

Disaster Recovery

No system will ever be flawless, that's why our team are on hand to redeploy websites at a moment's notice from our onsite storage to our hosting platforms in the event of a system failure or a malicious attack.