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Top SEO Tips For Start-Ups

Is your website the first result on Google?

In short, no matter how compelling your story is or how great your product might be, you can’t expect your customers to innately be aware of them. There’s a multitude of ways in which you can drive traffic to your website but when it comes to generating strong leads you can’t beat organic search results.

Here are my top considerations for ranking higher on search engines:

Location based domains

Using location based domains, in our case these would be .im and .co.im, allows search engines to instantly understand where your business is based and therefore who would benefit most from visiting your site.

Google Business

When you make a Google search for a local business you see that Google Business listings appear before both the organic search results and even Adwords results and are often accompanied by a map. If your competitors have a Business listing and you don’t then there is a high likelihood that they’re snapping up all your potential customers.

Creating a Google Business account is quick and easy way of letting people know your location, opening hours, price range, phone number and much more. Perfect for small businesses!

Encourage Reviews

There’s a whole host of platforms where your customers can leave you a review ranging from Google to niche websites for your industry. By encouraging your customers to rate your business online you’re not only ensuring that you’re highly visible in search results but you’re also showing potential customers that you’re a credible business.

Make sure that if you do get any negative reviews online that you reply to them swiftly – don’t burry your head in the sand.

Mobile First

In April 2015 the number of Google searches made from mobile devices surpassed those from desktops – Google have taken these changing trends on-board and are now looking at the mobile version of your site. You need to ensure that your website is fully responsive and is easily crawled by Google’s bots if you want to stay on top in search results.

Online Security

Keeping users safe when using the internet has become a major priority for all tech giant including the search engines. You’ll rank considerably lower on search results if your website security isn’t up to scratch, the best way to show that you’re serious about security is to invest in an SSL certificate.

SSL’s encrypt all the data transferred between your website and your visitors and have become a must have for SEO. You can usually purchase an SSL certificate from your hosting provider.

Optimise your website

This one’s slightly more technical but equally as important as our other advice. Search engines take a range of technical factors into account when ranking your website so it’s important that it’s up to scratch. Key points to watch out for include: load time, meta title & description, sitemaps and broken links.

For a comprehensive list of considerations and a free website health check try this great tool: seositecheckup.com


You have to remember that SEO improvement has to be a continuous process, try to spend a some time getting it set up properly and then make sure you put aside a bit of time each week to keep working on it.

If you have any questions or worries please feel free to ask me: [email protected]